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The best places to buy bongs

A lot of my posts have been removed from soup for what seems like no reason. All of the great advice I gave you guys on bongs for sale have now poofed! It is a real shame. So I will now give you a round up of info.

There is no way I can remember all the tips and pointers on herb smoking that I once had here. The basis of all my info and help guides was to show you guys how to buy a bong. So let me list down all the shops I ever recommended.
Lemon Smoke HerbTools

Also, here are some quick pointers to help guide you when looking for a bong online.
1. Check out how long the store has been trading
2. Have you heard of them before? Word of mouth or recommendations of friends can count for a lot. It confirms the legitness of an order making it through to a delivery.
3. It can be hard to judge the quality of a product from one picture. Be sure to only buy things with lots of pictures and maybe even youtube videos.
 4. From a legal side, check if it is ok to bring a bong into your state/country.

I'm sure there was some others but I just can't recall them right now. I will come back and edit later! Another great read here.

Don't be the product, buy the product!