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Welcome to my blog at soup! I am new to this so please excuse me. I am looking to blog my general day to day activities here mostly about my use of bongs and water pipes. As a huge stoner I have a passion for marijuana and intend to use my new soup to spread the word about all of the amazing bongs for sale at www.herbtools.com/bongs.html

Did you know the smoke that passes through a bong is over four times cooler than that of the smoke that exits a joint? Imagine the health benefits that is going to give you when compared with the joint.

In my Soup I will try not to ramble on too much about why every stoner needs to switch to a bong. But as a caring person I feel like I need to share this knowledge. You should also note that there is more than health benefits when using bongs to smoke cannabis, there are increased pleasures such a a tastier smoke (less tars inside, especially if you use to use tobacco in your joint).

I am a little pressed for time today so I will leave it at that for now. Tomorrow I will be back with a good night of sleep and be ready to educate my fellow cannabis water pipe users the pleasures and benefits of using bongs to smoke with.

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