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July 10 2015

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These types of pipes will include a sizable chamber under the bowl, coupled to the dish is a little tube that submerges underneath the drinking water. The reason for these kinds of water pipes incorporating standard water is to try to enhance smoothing the smoke and remove tars the customer would typically breathe. In the current market place you can find many unique themed weed smoking pipes that have end up being so different they are now referred to under alternative titles. Did you know that the particular bong was styled around yet another product titled the glass water bong; that was a direct item designed round the smoking pipe. This is regular human behavior which is the reason we have end up being so highly developed.

Using a great idea and upgrading it by using brand new resources that became accessible over years of investigation. Keep at heart the following details while hunting for your very first transaction. As to be envisioned, frosted glass types will be easily cracked beyond use. When high you need to use special care.

July 09 2015

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Welcome to my blog at soup! I am new to this so please excuse me. I am looking to blog my general day to day activities here mostly about my use of bongs and water pipes. As a huge stoner I have a passion for marijuana and intend to use my new soup to spread the word!

Did you know the smoke that passes through a bong is over four times cooler than that of the smoke that exits a joint? Imagine the health benefits that is going to give you when compared with the joint.

In my Soup I will try not to ramble on too much about why every stoner needs to switch to a bong. But as a caring person I feel like I need to share this knowledge. You should also note that there is more than health benefits when using bongs to smoke cannabis, there are increased pleasures such a a tastier smoke (less tars inside, especially if you use to use tobacco in your joint).

I am a little pressed for time today so I will leave it at that for now. Tomorrow I will be back with a good night of sleep and be ready to educate my fellow cannabis water pipe users the pleasures and benefits of using bongs to smoke with.

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