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May 12 2016


My experience with the percolator bong

percolator bong
I was once a fool, I use to laugh at my friends every time they took a hit from their percolator bong. I thought, wow, what a gimmick and waste of money! My friends swore by the percolator bong and even begged me to try it, but I was too ignorant and set in my ways to give this special little water pipe a chance!

So as you can imagine, I did end up giving in after doing some research online and hearing some pretty good arguments in favor of the percolator bong from herbtools. I let my mates know via group chat that I was ready to lose my V and take a hit from one of their beastly pipes!They wondered why I was all of a sudden interested so I told them about the articles I had read online.

Time for Percolator Bongs

So it was time to use that percolator bong! I ground down my herb and began to pack that bowl up! Everyone in the room was awaiting my response and I drew the smoke up the pipe and began to inhale. I took that frosty smoke down and blew it out, "I'm a fool!" I exclaimed! I was so happy to admit my downfalls at that point, because it occurred to me that I should of been using percolator bongs for years!

If you are like me and are unsure about the effect these smoking pipes have, then please just try one! You can get them cheap these days and they truly are amazing.Whether you intend to smoke weed or other mixes, this type of bong will really improve your smoke sessions. You can buy them in so many different colours and shapes, I recently got a glass percolator bong with shades of black. If you are still indecisive then drop me a message through my soup blog profile and I will be happy to help you buy one! There are loads of percolator bongs for sale online so you are sure to find a really nice one.
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April 27 2016


Bongs for Sale - Where and How Much

If you have ever browsed around the web at bongs for sale then you might notice there is actually quite a bit more to it than you might have first thought. A long with heaps of terminology, you will also have to browse through multiple different bong shops such as lemon-smoke.com, I mean how can you possibly know which bong shop to make your purchase with? A lot of them have the same bongs as the others and even at the same prices as it is quite a small, close cut niche.

It has come to my attention that many smokers out there feel like bongs are only ever used with herbs, but that is really not the true. I myself have around 5 glass bongs that I bought over the net and only use them with this legal smoking mix I buy off Ebay.

Other bongs for sale that are used without herbs is the shisha pipe (which makes use of tobacco and tobacco-less molasses). The word water pipe is a very loose term which could be both a bong or hookah, they both are pipes that make use of water but are styled quite differently. Many pipes make use of water because of the benefits on your health.

What do I recommend?

I love the bubbler pipes most because their size is just so crazy convenient, they are also easy to hide away and simple to clean. If oyu buy a double chamber bong then you can get a small one whilst still having plenty of room to store the smoke.

All the bongs for sale online that I have recently seen include these fancy percolators and diffusers, I’ve not tried one myself as they are expensive and I like to just locate cheap bongs for sale as they more than do the job that I employ them for!

I prefer to add a little colour to my bongs as the world can be dreary enough! How about a bring red glass bong that shines away on your desk, calling you in for another hit. I would make sure that the glass bongs for sale that you are browsing include the standard joint diameters so that you can modify and add accessories on such as precoolers. Just stick to a good bong shop and you’ll be fine and dandy my friend! Happy smoking and enjoy your purchase.

bongs for sale online at HerbTools

March 27 2016


Practical Reasons Why Bongs Are Awesome

One of the downsides of smoking weed is well, smoking. Smoking is a really unhealthy way of getting THC coursing through the body. This is why some people prefer to use water pipes.


The reasons why bongs are the popular choice for stoners are very simple and easy to understand. Water pipes have been around for the longest time. It does not take a lot of effort to know what makes them so cool and alluring to most people.

January 30 2016


Utilizing a Diffuser Downstem for your Bong

Like in every niche, advancements and evolution come along every now and again. Well, bongs are no different! The diffuser downstem is not exactly 'new tech' but they have recently started to become much more popular now that bong smokers have become aware of the huge benefits that these diffuser downstems offer!

What makes these diffuser downpipes really cool is the different styles you can buy them in. The 'diffuser' is located at the bottom of the downstem and is anywhere to 6 slits or more. Normally 3 slits on each side of the glass downstem

Now you can even get 'shower head downpipes' which are a type of diffuser where the bottom flares out into what looks like the head of a shower. The smoke pours out of these slits providing the same experience as a percolator.

So the word percolator can mean a few things, but for bongs we mean that the smoke is split several ways, creating way more surface area to be cooled by the water inside your bong. As you can imagine the result is a massive improvement on taste and temperature. When you combine the diffuser downstems with a double percolator bong, you will be in love at first toke!

December 28 2015


Why you should buy cheap weed seeds

Payments are usually through prepaid credit cards. It is suggested that a buyer use a separate credit card for seed purchases. This is important if he or she doesn’t want the transaction to be reflected on billing statements at the end of the month. It is also good to use online payment methods that don’t reflect the banking details of an individual (i.e. PayPal). Cash payments through mail are another option and a lot of sellers will give discounts if a buyer will choose to pay this way.

Packages are prepared and sealed in such a way that it carries no hint of what its contents are or from what company it’s from. Sellers have their way of making sure that these packages make it successfully past customs. In case the package is seized (which rarely happens), replacements are usually prepared and shipped again. This is one of the guarantees that many good sellers have to offer.

While there are such guarantees, one should take note that it doesn’t fully cover countries that have strict laws against a person who decides to buy cheap weed seeds. Sellers usually won’t guarantee successful shipping and delivery to the UAE, China, Israel, Brazil, Philippines, and Indonesia. However, for the UK, the US, and Canadian addresses, deliveries are always guaranteed. Buying cannabis seeds should not be a difficult task for interested buyers. By choosing the right seller and following some of the tips mentioned above, transactions will always go smoothly!

weed seeds

July 14 2015

The most expensive bongs in the world
In this crazy world we live in bongs can be priced as low as £10 and easily ascend to tens of thousands (£10,000+) for a single custom designed bong! But what warrants this huge price when you can buy bongs from as little as £10? Well that is what I am here for! To enlighten you on why these sell for so much, whether they are worth it and what the can look like.

Before I show you some awesome examples of the most expensive bongs I will clarify what makes them so pricey to buy. Basically the cheap bongs you see for sale are the water pipes that are made in China and shipped over in a huge quantity of identical models. Know I understand Chinese products have a stigma attached to them, but I wouldn't let that put you off buying one at all. They are fully functional and are still made by hand, the only difference is that it will never be a one off design, so if that does not matter to you I would say go for the cheaper water pipes (by the way, water pipes is just another term for bong). If you are interested in buying one, Bongs from Herbtools.co.uk has some great examples of both Chinese and USA blown glass.

These really high priced pipes are custom made in first world countries such as USA, by highly skilled workers. Whether they work from a garage or not, it does not matter to the end buyer.


This crazy bong for example. It is completely custom built in the UK and features removable sections (this takes way more work than a solid pipe) that include even more work inside them, mushroom shaped glass ornaments by the looks of it.

It was sold for £7000 GBP!

gun bongsNow this is one of the all time most expensive bongs ever sold, I myself would be scared to even touch it, never mind use it for smoking.
It was sold for £20,000 GBP!!

To some people this figure may sound outrageous or unrealisitic, but I can tell you this is a fair price. Glass blowing is a recognized form of art and if you think about it there are paintings selling for way more than 20 thousand. A few slaps of paint from the right person and they charge crazy prices.
Just take a look at the bongs posted and think of how much work actually went into these. If you have never seen glass blowing in action then I suggest you take a look at a YouTube video. That link will take you to a search, have fun!

July 10 2015

1268 7246 500
These types of pipes will include a sizable chamber under the bowl, coupled to the dish is a little tube that submerges underneath the drinking water. The reason for these kinds of water pipes incorporating standard water is to try to enhance smoothing the smoke and remove tars the customer would typically breathe. In the current market place you can find many unique themed weed smoking pipes that have end up being so different they are now referred to under alternative titles. Did you know that the particular bong was styled around yet another product titled the glass water bong; that was a direct item designed round the smoking pipe. This is regular human behavior which is the reason we have end up being so highly developed.

Using a great idea and upgrading it by using brand new resources that became accessible over years of investigation. Keep at heart the following details while hunting for your very first transaction. As to be envisioned, frosted glass types will be easily cracked beyond use. When high you need to use special care.

July 09 2015

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Welcome to my blog at soup! I am new to this so please excuse me. I am looking to blog my general day to day activities here mostly about my use of bongs and water pipes. As a huge stoner I have a passion for marijuana and intend to use my new soup to spread the word!

Did you know the smoke that passes through a bong is over four times cooler than that of the smoke that exits a joint? Imagine the health benefits that is going to give you when compared with the joint.

In my Soup I will try not to ramble on too much about why every stoner needs to switch to a bong. But as a caring person I feel like I need to share this knowledge. You should also note that there is more than health benefits when using bongs to smoke cannabis, there are increased pleasures such a a tastier smoke (less tars inside, especially if you use to use tobacco in your joint).

I am a little pressed for time today so I will leave it at that for now. Tomorrow I will be back with a good night of sleep and be ready to educate my fellow cannabis water pipe users the pleasures and benefits of using bongs to smoke with.

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